Olivia is a skilled and creative editor and writer who has worked on a huge variety of texts. Her editing experience ranges from academic work (articles, books and theses), to marketing copy, to fiction and non-fiction books. She is currently applying her editing and writing talents in the video games industry at Failbetter Games, known for the high quality of its writing and interactive narratives. Her speciality is science fiction and fantasy, and she has worked on books by many well-known authors, including Brian Aldiss, Michael Moorcock, Brandon Sanderson and Adam RobertsBelow are examples of companies Olivia has worked with, as well as of books she has line-edited or proofread.



Failbetter Games

Olivia is Narrative Editor, Content Manager and Writer at Failbetter Games, a boutique video game studio best known for Fallen London, an award-winning Victorian Gothic browser game, and Sunless Sea, a game of exploration, loneliness and cannibalism.

Gollancz Logo


Olivia regularly line-edits and proofreads for the science-fiction and fantasy imprint, Gollancz. She has developed strong creative relationships with several of their authors, who have often requested her as line-editor for sequels.


VML London

Olivia was in-house Editorial QA at VML London, a digital marketing agency. She worked on a variety of client projects ensuring the copy was consistently high quality.

Line editing

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