About me


All photos courtesy of  BAFTA/Charlie Clift.

All photos courtesy of BAFTA/Charlie Clift.

I am a videogames writer, narrative designer and editor. I work both freelance and for Failbetter Games. I was selected by BAFTA as a 2017 Breakthrough Brit in the UK videogames industry. One of the jurors, Brenda Romero, described my work as 'inspirational'.

I write character-driven stories that marry human relationships to fantastical environments. I work with clients to create narrative designs with strong story arcs and realistic NPCs. In my designs, I enjoy exploring uncomfortable choices mirroring those of real life; and the conflict between player and NPC agency.

I moved into the games industry from publishing, where I worked as a specialist sci-fi and fantasy line-editor. I have line-edited and proofread books by many well-known authors, including Terry Pratchett, Richard Morgan and Sarah Pinborough.

I have some availability for freelance writing, editing and design. Please do get in touch, letting me know the nature of the project, the type of design or writing work required and initial timelines.