All photos courtesy of BAFTA/Charlie Clift.

All photos courtesy of BAFTA/Charlie Clift.

I am a writer, designer and editor currently working at Failbetter Games. I specialise in branching narratives with plots and characterisation influenced by player choice.

I was selected by BAFTA as a 2017 Breakthrough Brit. One of the jurors, Brenda Romero, described my work as 'inspirational'.

I moved into the games industry from publishing, where I worked as a specialist sci-fi and fantasy line-editor. There I got to line-edit and proofread the manuscripts of industry veterans and upcoming authors. I have worked on books by many well-known authors, including Terry Pratchett, Richard Morgan and Sarah Pinborough.

I help clients to develop character-driven stories that marry human relationships to fantastical environments. I work with them to create narrative designs with strong story arcs and realistic NPCs. In my designs, I particularly enjoy exploring uncomfortable choices mirroring those of real life; and the conflict between player and NPC agency.

I have some availability for freelance writing, editing and consulting projects. Please do get in touch.